uPVC Foam Sheet

uPVC Foam Sheet

We are a well-known Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of the best quality PVC and WPC Foam Boards. We are manufacturing wide range of PVC / WPC Foam Boards that is inclusive of Colored PVC / WPC Foam Boards and Plain PVC / WPC Foam Boards. Our PVC / WPC Foam Boards are made with high quality raw materials that ensure their toughness and durability. We offer premium PVC / WPC Foam Boards in various specifications in order to suit various requirements of clients. We provide this board in different sizes and specifications by keeping in mind various demands of our customers.

Our offered sheet is manufactured using premium quality raw material and modern technology by our experienced professionals. The provided sheet is widely appreciated by the clients for its high strength and excellent finish. Our Research Team dedicated to develop and invent new concept & technologies for PVC and contributing for the Greener Earth.

Our PVC / WPC Foam Boards have innumerable application-internally. It can be used in all places where an Ordinary Plywood, Marine Ply and Particle Board can be used. Our sheet can be printed easily and Pasting PVC Laminates & Foil (PVC Paper) for making decorative furniture.

Applications of PVC / WPC Foam Sheet

  • Furniture : Use in making decorative Furniture including Bathroom Cabinet, Kitchen Cabinet, Wall Cabinet, Storage Cabinet, Desk, Table Top, School Benches, Cupboard, Exhibition Desk, Shelve in Supermarket and many more.
  • Advertising : Widely use in Advertising material like Billboards, Digital Printed Hoardings, Screen Printing, Carving, Lettering, Exhibition Stands, Advertising Displays etc.
  • Constructions and Real Estate : Also use in Building sector such as Insulation, Shop Fitting, Interior Decorate, Ceiling, Paneling, Door Panel, Roller Shutter Boxes, Windows Elements and much more.

Features of PVC / WPC Foam Sheet

  • 100% Water Proof, Termite Proof, Borer Proof and Rust Proof.
  • 100% Weather resistant and Fire Retardant.
  • Resistant to Chemical & Corrosion.
  • Light Weight, Strong and Easy to work & Process.
  • Good Sound Insulation, Good Thermal Insulation.
  • Suitable for Both Indoor & Outdoor Application.
  • Smooth and Glossy Surface.
  • Suitable for Direct Digital printing.
  • Suitable for Film Lamination, Painting and Lacquering.
  • Non-Toxic.
  • 100% Recyclable.
  • Fungus and Bacteria Free.

Available Thickness: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 15mm, 17mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm
Available Size: Width – 4 Feet, Length – 8 Feet
Available Color: White, Ivory, Grey, Brown


Rajvi PVC Ply doesn't require Special tools to work. Only Conventional carpenter's tool will sufficient for work and Process.

  • Recommended Tools: Drilling machine, Hacksaw Blade, Saw, Hammer / Mallet, Pliers, Snips, Chisel and Woodworking square.
  • Recommended Adhesive: Cement Solvent Adhesive (PVC to PVC), Silicon Based Adhesive (PVC to Laminate), Silicon Based Wood Adhesive (PVC to Veneer).
  • Recommended Accessories: Screws, European Series Hinges, L-Hinges and Wax Filler.

Performance Comparison of PVC Foam Sheet:-

Characteristics Rajvi Pvc Ply Ply Wood MDF/Medium Density Fiber Board
Surface Density (g/cm3) 0.5 – 0.75 0.5 – 0.75 0.7 – 0.8
Endure Power (kg/m2) 70 41 10
Elasticity Ratio (kg/m2) 1580 930 1100
Water Absorption 0.5 % 2.5 % 10 %
Service Life (Year) 40 - 50 15 - 20 5 - 10
Recycle Yes No No
Pro – Environment Yes Yes No
Water Proof Yes No No
Termite Proof Yes No No
Borer Proof Yes No No
Weather resistant Yes No No
Fire Retardant Yes No No
Easy to work and Process Excellent Good Average
Light Weight Yes No No
Smooth and Glossy surface Excellent Good Average
Direct Digital printing Yes No No
Suitable for Film Lamination Excellent Good No
Fungus and Bacteria Free Yes No No
Screw Holding Capacity Excellent Good Good