• What is PVC?
    PVC is a thermoplastic resin that is one of the most widely used plastics in the world. Poly vinyl chloride or abbreviated to PVC is a high volume commodity thermoplastic material which has a very wide application base from medical to window frame.
  • What are manufacturing process is used to make RAJVI PVC foam board?
    RAJVI PVC foam board/sheet is manufactured using Co-Extrusion computer based technology, in pvc foam sheet/board manufacturing process three difference processes used Celluka, co-extrusion and Free Foam of PVC foam board to meet different applications' needs.
  • What surfaces can RAJVI PVC FOAM SHEET/BOARD be attached to?
    Plaster, stucco, vinyl, brick, concrete or wood. Our SHEET/BOARD can be attached to any of the above surfaces.
  • How many RAJVI PVC FOAM BOARD & RIGID HOLLOW SECTION OR SHEET can be put into a container?
    It depends, please contact us, our sales team are pleased to answer your questions. E-mail: info@rajvipvcply.com
  • Can you cut the PVC foam board and PROFILE in custom size?
    Yes, we have facilities to cut the PVC foam board in special sizes. If the size speciation is too complicated or the volume is too many, we will charge processing cost.
  • What is the packing of RAJVI PVC FOAM SHEET/BOARD?
    The PVC foam sheet/board will be packed with a corrocated paper top and bottom of 2 pcs. Then wrap with owen sack plastic material for this company will charge. Company also provide with wooden pallets packing .
  • Do you charge for protective film on PVC foam board?
    Yes, the one side or both side protective film(clear film), If you require the protective film with custom Logo, we need to charge for the Logo template additionally.
  • What is the price of quotation?
    Our quotation is usually FOB (FOB Nava Sheva port Mumbai) price.
  • What is the term of payment?
    For our regular products: 30% deposit for starting production, customers should payoff the balance before shipment. We accept T/T only.
  • What is the usual delivery time?
    It depends on the order. The delivery time is about 10-35 days after receiving deposit.
  • What is the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) of RAJVI products?
    For PVC foam board/sheet the MOQ is 5 tons per specification.
  • How to file a warranty?
    To file a claim under this Warranty, the Purchaser need to send proof of purchase, a picture of the defective Product and a written description to Manufacturer. Manufacturer reserves the right to investigate any claim hereunder. Upon verification of a claim, Manufacturer shall arrange for the delivery...
  • Do the limitations-conditions covered by this warranty?
    Manufacturer's liability under this Warranty applies to the Purchaser only and is limited solely and exclusively to replacement of defective Product. In no event shall Manufacturer be liable for labor, installation, reinstallation, freight, taxes or any other charge related to defective Products.
  • What is RAJVI Limited Warranty Coverage?
    Rajvi Extrusion Pvt. Ltd. warrants to the original purchaser that each Rajvi pvc ply Product will be free from manufacturing defects that cause the Product to rot, corrode, delaminate, or excessively swell from moisture for a period of twenty (20) years from the date of the original consumer purchase.
  • Safety for Rajvi pvc product !
    Rajvi PVC foam sheet/board and section requires no special safety handling precautions during subsequent machining/fabrication operations. However, normal safe working practices such as dust masks & fume extraction, machine guarding, solvent handling, lifting devices, etc. should be adhered to. PVC contains no products likely to give rise to health and safety concerns. In the case of fire involving PVC foam or rigid materials, water, foam and carbon dioxide extinguishers may be used.
  • How do you cut RAJVI PVC Foam Sheet / Board?
    Rajvi PVC foam sheet/board can be cut by using standard woodworking equipment. If using a power miter saw, we recommend using a carbide toothed blade with 80 teeth or more.
  • Can you use a nail gun on Rajvi PVC Foam Sheet/Board?
    Yes, Rajvi PVC foam sheet/board can be installed by using pneumatic nail guns.
  • Can I use screws in Rajvi PVC Foam Sheet/Board?
    Yes. We recommend a non-corrosive metal such as galvanized, stainless, or coated screw for exterior applications. Any type is acceptable for interior applications. Screw can fix directly at applicable area first make small puch mark then tight screw with screw driver or air or electrical tools
  • Can you install Rajvi Pvc Foam Sheet near a fireplace?
    Yes, Rajvi PVC Foam Sheet/Board can be installed in locations where the temperature does not exceed 55°C (131°F).
  • Do I have to paint Rajvi PVC Foam Board/Sheet?
    Rajvi PVC foam board/sheet can be painted according to your requirement.
  • What are the applications of Rajvi PVC foam board/sheet?
    Rajvi PVC foam board/sheet can be used for Construction, Advertising, Furniture, Bathroom Cabinet, Kitchen Cabinet, Marine and just about any millwork or industrial application where wood is used. As for other products Rajvi provides PVC hollow rigid sheet and section for door application, please view the product
  • Why Rajvi pvc ply is an ideal replacement for wood ply?
    A house with wood must be painted every 5 to 10 years to keep it from falling apart around you, and not everyone enjoys painting. It is a time consuming job that can be expensive if you hire someone to do it for you. Wood have many disadvantage like not whether proof, rust problem, water problem, termite problem, To solve this problem, there are Rajvi PVC Foam sheet/board available
  • Why use a Rajvi PVC foam board/sheet?
    As a leading plastic material for the construction market, PVC is used to make windows, siding, flooring and pipe more durable and cost effective. PVC foam board requires less maintenance, outlasts and outperforms alternative materials, and makes quality housing more affordable. PVC foam board looks beautiful.
  • How to clean Rajvi Pvc Ply products?
    Most dirt can be removed from our PVC Product only with mild detergent and water. For more stubborn stains, try a mild household cleaner & degreaser like Clorox Cleanup or Clorox Outdoors, alcohol or Soft scrub with bleach.
  • Rajvi pvc ply have Chemical resistance?
    Rajvi all product have excellent chemical resistance imparted by the inherent nature of the base PVC polymer. The general chemical resistance of PVC can be summarised as follows:
    • Resistant to salt solutions
    • Resistant to most alkali solutions
    • Resistant to most acid solutions
    • Resistant to most alcohols, petrol, oils, fats
  • How much does Rajvi PVC Expand and Contract?
    Cellular PVC may expand or contract due to changes in temperature. You should allow for this movement when fastening Rajvi PVC foam board/sheet.
  • What do I use for filling the nail holes?
    Any product that is acrylic or urethane based will adhere to Rajvi PVC foam board/sheet. Common fillers, caulks and exterior grade spackle with titanium dioxide work well. Be sure to use a filler that is a good match to the white color of Products should you decide not to paint.
  • What kind of screw or nail should I use for Pvc Foam Sheet/Board?
    Nails: Use corrosion-resistant, smooth-shank, screw, annular-threaded or spiral type nails, and long enough to penetrate substrate by at least 3.8cm (1.5"). AVOID large-head nails and ring-shank nails due to excessive...
  • How to fasten?
    For longer lengths of foam boards/sheet, begin at one end and work to other end or at middle and fasten outwards. NEVER fasten from both ends toward the middle, which can create stress and expansion problems. Fasten at 40cm(16") intervals along the length, and keep nails and screws a...
  • How to Seal Joints and Gaps?
    To prevent joint separation of any foam, fill all joints (whether butted tight or with a gap) with a urethane acrylic sealant (which expands and contracts at the same rate as the product). When sealing a butt joint, apply sealant only to one butt end,
  • Why should I leave a gap during some installation?
    Amount of gap required depends on various factors; the length of piece (a piece of foam board or sheet) being installed, the overall range of temperatures experienced over the year, exposure to the sun, and the temperature at the time of installation.
  • How do I join pieces?
    Ensure all surfaces to be glued are smooth and clean. Use exterior-grade, PVC compatible, urethane-based adhesives. When fastening to PVC substrates, use white PVC gutter cement; note that PVC gutter cement tends to turn yellow over time outdoors, so it should not be used in visible applications.
  • How can Bonding rajvi pvc ply product with other material?
    Adhesives can be used to permanently or temporarily bond Rajvipvc sheet and section to like or dissimilar substrates. The surfaces to be bonded should be cleaned and if necessary degreased. Appropriate adhesives systems can be listed as follows:
    • - Solvent or Cement systems: Solutions of PVC in Tetrahydrofuran (THF), dimethyl formamide, methylene chloride etc. containing 10-25% solid content.
    • - Reaction adhesives: One and Two part systems (Polyurethane or Epoxy systems)
    • - Contact adhesives using synthetic rubbers (such as Neoprene based systems)
    • - Adhesives films
    • - Pressure sensitive adhesive tape
    Rajvi pvc sheets and section can be manipulated using any of the above fixing methods. Like most thermoplastic materials, the influence of thermal expansion must be taken into account. To ensure that dimensional changes relative to ambient temperature are calculated at the fixing stage.
  • How to rout?
    For crisp, clean edges, use a carbide-tipped bit on a router.
  • How to drill?
    You can drill Rajvi PVC foam board / sheet with standard woodworking drill bits. Do not use bits made for rigid PVC. Avoid heat buildup from excessive friction, and remove the shavings from the drill hole frequently.
  • How to cut?
    Rajvi PVC foam board / sheet can be cut using standard woodworking power tools. Keep blades sharp for best results. If clamping when cutting, use blocks to avoid marking the products. Best results are obtained using saw blades designed for cutting wood or plastic. A 32-tooth carbide-tipped...
  • How should I store Rajvi PVC products?
    Rajvi PVC products like PVC Foam Sheet/ Board and Pvc Hollow Rigid sheet and section should be stored in standard warehouse ambient conditions (15-25 oC) and the product must be kept on a flat surface. Sheets must be stored flat on a pallet that the pallet supports ensure the sheets do not distort over a period of time. Be sure not to store Rajvi PVC product in areas prone to heat buildup.
  • How to work safely?
    Obey all safe-work practices, including wearing safety boots, goggles and construction helmets. When cutting or sanding product, wear a mask to avoid inhaling dust. Ensure adequate ventilation when gluing, caulking or painting. Follow all manufacturer's recommendations and warning...
  • Can PVC Products be Less Expensive?
    When considering the cost of PVC products like PVC Foam Sheet/Board and alternatives it is important to not only consider the sales price but also to consider any direct and indirect costs throughout the product life and at the end of life when the product becomes waste.
  • Is Rajvi PVC Product Environmental Friendly?
    All Rajvi products including PVC foam sheet/ board and PVC hollow rigid sheet and section are 100% recyclable. The benefits of recycling PVC building materials include reduced landfill waste, reduce embodied energy, and reduce the impacts from harvest or mining. Most importantly, recycling saves energy and reduces pollution.