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Rajvi PVC PlyprofessionallymanufacturesPvc Foam Board/Sheet and Section. RajviPVC Ply has engaged in processing of Pvc product since 15 years with rich experience in producing eco-friendly PVC Foam Board/Sheet and Section for various application like furniture, advertising, constructions and industries, our product are Pvc Foam Board/Sheet and Pvc Section which are better than wood and can totally replace the wood for environmental protection all Rajvi PVC Ply product are being made with highest quality raw material and under strict quality controls the manufacturing process of all our product is environmental friendly and recyclable, RajviPvc Foam Board/Sheet and Pvc Section mainly used in place of wood thus company is contributing major share to save the trees and help indirectly to protect global worming,

Why choose RajviPvc Foam Board/Sheet and Pvc Section.

Rajvi is the 3 layer upvc foam sheet manufacture with the most complete experiment& testing equipment in india.

Environmental Friendly Material,

Rajviproduct are manufacture under strict quality control in order to keep steady quality. All of Rajviproduct are produce with environment friendly material. Rajvipvc ply all green product have be came the first choice of india is well-known manufacture in kitchen, bathroom and advertisement and industries application, rajvi product are also sold to all over the world.

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